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Discover the Real You

Our proprietary discovery process helps you identify what is important about money to you and reveals your core life values. Only then are you able to make the most balanced financial and life style choices that will enrich your life.

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Create Solutions with Guaranteed Results

We only work with the highest rated insurance companies; many of whom have centuries of experience and longevity. Our specialty is in creating financial plans that leverage the power of safe money instruments.

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Focus on Your Financial Core

Too many advisors focus on investing and don’t offer solutions that help you build a strong financial core. This is what makes us different. Only when you have built a strong financial core are you able to properly protect yourself from unexpected economic storms.

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  • I've been blessed to the max throughout my career in professional golf as well as my year's in ministry to rub shoulders with some pretty incredible people. Jeff has helped us plan for the future...words alone cannot express our gratitude.
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  • I have known Jeff and been a client of his for over 20 years (not to age myself). He has been a mentor and an inspiration while undeniably helping me to increase my net worth.
    — Julianne O'ConnorRead More Testimonials
  • Jeff has helped me realize my dreams of retiring from the State of California and starting my own business.
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  •  Jeff’s experience, knowledge and effective communication have been a tremendous asset to our family. We appreciate how Jeff showed us how we could purchase more investment properties by strategically arranging our financial assets.
    — John and Chelsey Walker Read More Testimonials
  •  Both my wife Toni and I have been delighted with the services of the CORE Financial Group partners. Jeff has been both creative and helpful in providing us with both guidance and specific assistance in matters financial.
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The CORE Concept

What is financial success? The answer to that question may be different for everybody. Yet, to achieve financial success, whatever your definition, requires that you establish a strong financial core. That financial core serves as the foundation for your long term financial success. It must be stable, flexible, and guaranteed to last. 

The reason so many people fail to achieve their financial objectives over the long run is because they fail to do the right things first. More often than not they risk it all early with the hope of achieving the big gain quickly. That is like putting a boat in the water before completing the underlying structure and sealing the hull. Eventually the boat will sink. Once that happens the recovery costs can be staggering. 

We are “Safe Money Coaches.” We teach you concepts around creating, nurturing, managing, balancing, and strengthening a strong financial core. We show you how to build your financial core to withstand the ups and downs of any financial and economic environment. 

Allow us to help you discover your financial objectives and then design a financial core that will insure you achieve those objects. Let us show you how you can be guaranteed that your money will be there when you need it.

What we have to share is not often shared. Many of the concepts have been lost amongst the noise and hype that bombard us every day. You have everything to gain by adding our concepts to your financial perspective.

We offer seminars, workshops, booklets, personal consultations, and safe money financial instruments. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you create, balance, and strengthen your Financial Core.