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Our proprietary discovery process helps you identify what is important about money to you and reveals your core life values. Only then are you able to make the most balanced financial and life style choices that will enrich your life.

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We only work with the highest rated insurance companies; many of whom have centuries of experience and longevity. Our specialty is in creating financial plans that leverage the power of safe money instruments.

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Too many advisors focus on investing and don’t offer solutions that help you build a strong financial core. This is what makes us different. Only when you have built a strong financial core are you able to properly protect yourself from unexpected economic storms.

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  • I've been blessed to the max throughout my career in professional golf as well as my year's in ministry to rub shoulders with some pretty incredible people. Jeff has helped us plan for the future...words alone cannot express our gratitude.
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  • I have known Jeff and been a client of his for over 20 years (not to age myself). He has been a mentor and an inspiration while undeniably helping me to increase my net worth.
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  • Jeff has helped me realize my dreams of retiring from the State of California and starting my own business.
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  •  Jeff’s experience, knowledge and effective communication have been a tremendous asset to our family. We appreciate how Jeff showed us how we could purchase more investment properties by strategically arranging our financial assets.
    — John and Chelsey Walker Read More Testimonials
  •  Both my wife Toni and I have been delighted with the services of the CORE Financial Group partners. Jeff has been both creative and helpful in providing us with both guidance and specific assistance in matters financial.
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Our culture has taught us to Have-Do-Be-Celebrate.  We believe that if we “have” a thing such as more time, money, love, or whatever then we can finally “do” the thing we have always wanted to do such as take up a hobby, go on vacation, buy a home, or undertake a relationship. We think that will enable us to “be” a thing such as happy, peaceful, content, or in love. Then we have something to “celebrate” because we have the thing. However, our culture has taught us the reverse of what it takes to create success on our journey.

In actuality, the universal process of creation is to Be-Do-Have-Celebrate. 

First you “be” the thing called happy, knowing, wise, compassionate, or whatever. Then you “do” things from this place of beingness. Soon you discover that what you are doing is bringing you the things you’ve always wanted to “have.” Living from that place of beingness results in a natural ability to “celebrate” everything just as it is.

In essence, the way to set this creative process into motion is to look at what it is you want to "have," then ask yourself what you think you would "be" if you "had" that, then go right straight to being that. Along the journey celebrate everything just as-it-is in the knowing that you are already that. 

In this way you reverse the way you've been using the Be-Do-Have-Celebrate paradigm. You set it right and work with, rather than against, the creative power of the universe. What you create is more about what you are “being” than it is about what you are “doing.” When you are being that which you want, everything you do is from a place of sincerity and congruency.

Here is how to apply the process of creation to financial balance and long term success:

BE - Certain you are building a strong financial core with guaranteed income streams… 

We help you get past all the financial noise and get to what really matters. Our discovery process guides you into quantifying the scope of your “Vortex of Abundance” along with your heart felt financial objectives. Once there, we help you determine how much of your abundance should be handled as “Core” versus “Dynamic” abundance. We identify and provide you with the most appropriate safe money instruments for use in strengthening your Core.

DO - Learn how to create financial balance with a sustainable financial future…

For something to be sustainable it must not be subjected to risk of loss or failure. We teach you the principles necessary to insure that an appropriate amount of your abundance will be available to you when you or your family needs it. Our unique way of visualizing and managing abundance helps you understand how to create a life of financial balance and sustainable abundance.

Have - Peace of mind knowing that your new core financial strategy aligns with your core values…

Having a financial strategy that quantifies your abundance into core and dynamic assets provides you with assurances that you will have the assets you need to meet challenges and opportunities as they appear along your journey’s path. We help you assess your financial risks and opportunities while determining the most appropriate path to achieving your primary objectives.   

Celebrate - As you confidently achieve specific milestones…

We work with you to determine the milestones that are most important to you. These might be milestones such as becoming debt free, properly funding your child’s college education, or making sure you have an income stream when you need it. We help you establish a core financial strategy that gets you to your milestones and enables you to celebrate them when you get there.